DO NOT DRINK Water Order For the consumers in BREEZY AND ROCKAWAY POINT - From Reid Ave. to points west

The drinking water in the area marked on this map may be unsafe.

DO NOT drink the water from the faucets. Do not use this water to cook, wash yourself or wash food, make ice, brush teeth or for any other activity involving consumption of water. Use only bottled water or water from DEP’s Water-On-the-Go station.

DO NOT try to treat the water. The water cannot be made safe. Boiling, freezing, filtering, adding chlorine or other disinfectants, or letting water stand will not make the water safe.

Please share this information with all other people who might drink this water, especially those who may not have received this notice directly (for example, visitors).

What happened? What is being done to fix the problem?

Water pipe damage due to Hurricane Sandy and recent building fires may have allowed contaminants to enter the water system. The water is being tested to determine if and when it is safe to drink.

More information?

Breezy Point Cooperative, Inc.

202-30 Rockaway Point Blvd,

(718) 945-2300; (718) 945-2416


This Order shall remain in effect until further notice.